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which is a teleological principle, e.g. similar as e.g. the

1. Real number definition, e.g. by Dedekind cut or Cauchy criteria

2. Non-standard number definition by maximal ideals (whereby the field of Non-Standard numbers has the same cardinality as the field of real numbers; the only differentiator is by an additional valid Axiom for the real numbers, which is the Archimedean axiom.

Today's gravity model is based on the mathematical concept of exterior differential forms, based on the concepts of differentiable (!),(ScE1)) manifolds, affine connexion  and variational principles.

We propose the build a modified gravity model based on the mathematical concept of "interior" differential "elements", as intrinsic part of a (distributional, negative-scaled) Hilbert space.

As a Hilbert space is the truly framework to model "geometry", this provides the proper framework for the General Relativity (i.e. the Hilbert-Einstein action minimization principle can formulated as operator norm minimization problem, which is equivalent to a corresponding energy inner product variational equation, (VeW)). At the same time, it's already the appropriate framework for Quantum Field Theory. Therefore it defines the proper framework for a 

                                        Quantum Gravity.

         Braun K., A quantum gravity and ground state energy Hilbert space model

         Braun K., An alternative quantization of H=xp