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A Mathematical Framework for a Quantum Gravity Theory 27082011.pdf


Ground State Energy, 2011-2016


Yang-Mills Equations, 2011-2016

Nov 2011, Braun K., Thoughts about a Quantum Gravity Theory

Hardy Spaces, Hyperfunctions, Pseudo-Differential Operators and Wavelets

Braun K., Introduction, A new ground state energy model enabling a quantum gravity model

Some philosophical aspects of proposed mathematical Framework

July 2013, Some remarkable Pseudo-Differential Operators of order -1, 0, 1

June 2013, Quantum gravity model related mathematical Areas

August 2013, A new ground state energy model

Braun K., A quantum gravity and ground state energy Hilbert space model

Braun K., An alternative quantization of H=xp

The protagonists of the proposed physical-mathematical modelling concept and its corresponding philosophical consequences / interpretations are E. Schrödinger and H. Weyl. We recall a few of their related papers / books

Schrödinger E.,

My view of the world, OX BOW PRESS, Woodbridge, Connecticut, 1983

The interpretation of quantum mechanics, OX BOW PRESS, Woodbridge, Connecticut, 1995

Mind and Matter, Cambridge University Press, 195

What is life? Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, London, New York, Melbourne,1944                

Nature and the Greeks, Science and Humanism, Cambridge University Press, 1996

Weyl H.,

Philosophy of Mathematics and Natural Science, Princeton University Press, Princeton and Oxford, 1949

Was ist Materie, Verlag Julius Springer, Berlin, 1924

The Continuum, A critical examination of the foundation of analysis, Dover Publications., Inc., New York, 1987

Reine Infinitesimalgeometrie (Purely Infinitesimal Geometry), Mat. Z. 2 (1918), 384-411

Erkenntnis und Besinnung, Studia Philosophica 1954